10 things I’d tell my younger self

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21 November, 2014

My reflections on living out your dream life

1. Make your bucket list

Learn Spanish. Write a book. Climb Everest. Put it all down. And then do it.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

There is more coming your way. Things will get tougher and that’s ok. Let the little things pass by. Save your energy for the bigger battles.

3. You won’t realise when you are making a memory

Pace yourself out. If you’re enjoying it, don’t hurry to the end. You’re running a marathon, not a sprint, even if it feels different right now.

4. Exercise

Start now and don’t stop. Staying fit is the best investment you will ever make. And don’t bother looking for the lazy way out.

5. Pack your bags

Travel more. Experience the world. The whimsical, unplanned trips will be the ones that you remember.

6. Hair grows back (well, sometimes!)

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Go out on a limb. You can’t get it right if you don’t try.

7. Your friends today will be your friends for life

They will always be your toughest critics and biggest champions. So find the time to call them, because you will only get more busy.

8. Do work that makes you truly happy

Make it more than just a job. Because you need to do this every day and you will need a reason to be excited. Learn to trust your instinct on this one.

9. 25

Never forget what it was like to be 25 and starting out. Always make time for young people. This may be the most rewarding thing that you do.

10. Ask her to marry you

You won’t score better. She will transform your life!


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