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Support your team’s non-work passions

Well-rounded, happy employees score higher on wellbeing, loyalty and productivity. A win-win for everyone!

Handling interruptions at work

Protect your time and attention from the ceaseless flurry of distractions.
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The Power of Subtraction

Driven by our bias towards addition, we tend to overlook the untapped potential of simplification.

Buzz off! Some buzzwords to strike off in 2022

It’s time to give these overused words a skip!

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Managing your boss
Careers   Relationships

Managing your boss

Your manager is crucial to your success (and vice versa). How do you nurture this relationship?
I am, because we are
Culture   Relationships

I am, because we are

Build unified, high-performing teams with the Ubuntu philosophy
Offer everyone a seat at the table
Culture   Leadership

Offer everyone a seat at the table

How to be more inclusive in practice, not just on paper.

The Godrej Way

An in-depth look at GCPL’s fundamental purpose and core values to live by

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Vivek Gambhir

Some lessons learned in 2019

Our leaders share their biggest learnings from 2019 and what they want to do differently in 2020
What's your "magic phrase"?
Vivek Gambhir

What’s your “magic phrase”?

Our leaders share magic phrases that they use to motivate their teams
Playing favourites at work
Ryan Mascarenhas

Playing favourites at work

How to manage favouritism and avoid the inherent disengagement it can cause
Neha Parekh

Making it work as a working parent

A how-to on managing the complex dynamic between work and parenting