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Be your whole self


What are you willing to give up?

Back in December of 2013, we decided to restructure our international operations into geographical clusters, to improve agility and better leverage synergies. And we offered Anand, who was then leading our UK business, the role of cluster head for Latin America and the UK. Anand asked whether he could think about it overnight. Next morning,…

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Being a questioning leader

Recently, over a weekend, my eighth grade daughter was writing a paper using the Socratic method and asked for some help. In the fourth century, Socrates had pioneered the approach of learning through questions, uncovering assumptions and getting to the heart of the issue. Frankly, while I had learnt about this method in college, I…

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Developing a global mindset

Two years ago, Starwood Hotels (that owns brands such the Sheraton, Westin and Le Meridien), moved their headquarters from Connecticut, in the US to Dubai for a month. The senior leadership team and the headquarters staff set up shop in Dubai and ran the global business from there. They also spent extensive time to understand…

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The Servant as Leader

The power of servant leadership

Several months ago, I came across a video of renowned ethnographer and leadership expert, Simon Sinek, talking about his book, Leaders Eat Last, in which he explores the dynamics that inspire leadership and trust. (If you haven’t already watched it, you can do so at In his talk, Simon uses an example from the US Marine Corps to…

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Subha's paintings

Be your whole self (Co-authored by Subha Iyer)

In my message this week, I want to focus on why investing in yourself and pursuing interest(s) outside work can make you a happier and fuller individual and in turn, even better at what you do at work. I am very pleased that Subha Iyer, who leads media planning and buying for our India business, has…

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Under pressure

Thrive under pressure

As you know, we are in the final stretches of this fiscal year. February and March are crucial to finish strong. The sprint to the end of the year puts pressure on all of us but it is also quite energising. So, in my message today, I want to talk to you about how we can thrive under…

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Stretch yourself

This is the time when many of you, along with working hard to ensure a strong finish to the year, will also be busy defining the longer term priorities for your business or function and your plans for next year. Soon, you will use this as input for the goals for your functions, for your…

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Today we are celebrating Republic Day in India. For our colleagues in other geographies, this is the anniversary of when the Constitution of India was officially adopted. Godrej, as you know, has a proud history, closely intertwined with the evolution of India.  And through this 117-year journey, what hasn’t changed is the fact that in…

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Office table in clouds with the sea on the notebook. Vacation co

Unlimited Vacations

By now, I am sure that those of you who took time off during the end of the year are back in the thick of things and that all of us are working hard to ensure that we make a strong finish to FY 2015. Speaking of time off, some of you may recall a…

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Business Training

The Two Drives Model and Leadership (Co-authored by Shailesh Deshpande)

I am very pleased that Shailesh Deshpande, who leads Learning and Development for Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, has written this week’s piece. Shailesh, as you know, conducts the highly regarded Leading Self and Leading Others workshops. A few weeks back, most of the members from the GCPL senior leadership team attended Shailesh’s Leading…

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Making resolutions stick

I hope that you managed to take some time off and are fully charged up for the New Year! Last week, I had written to you about reflecting on the year gone by with your family and/or friends. I hope that some of you were able to try it out. Aaron, the head of our…

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It’s that time of the year again

As the year draws to an end, it’s the time when many of us make resolutions for the New Year.  Many of us resolve to lose weight and exercise more – others resolve to give up smoking, spend more time with their family, control their anger, become more organised, etc. Frankly, I have been lukewarm…

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