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Monday8AM started out as a series of Monday morning emails to our team, on what we could do differently to become better leaders, better team players, better family members, better friends and better citizens. Through this blog, I hope to include many more people in these conversations. Why the name? Monday, since it is the start of the working week and 8 AM, so that we can think about these things before the day catches up with us.

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Are you sabotaging yourself?
Careers   Leadership

Are you sabotaging yourself?

High achievers can unwittingly become their own worst enemies. Here’s how to stop that self-fulfilling prophecy in its tracks.
Building cultural fluency
Communication   Culture

Building cultural fluency

Hone your cultural intelligence to form strong, effective working relationships across geographies
The Genchi Genbutsu mindset
Culture   Leadership

Adopt the Genchi Genbutsu approach

“Go and see for yourself” reveals a truer picture and helps leaders to make better decisions.
The voice of leadership

The voice of leadership

Find your voice as a leader to gain in influence and effectiveness

Popular Posts

I am, because we are
Culture   Relationships

I am, because we are

Build unified, high-performing teams with the Ubuntu philosophy
Managing your boss
Careers   Relationships

Managing your boss

Your manager is crucial to your success (and vice versa). How do you nurture this relationship?
Leadership   Learning

Pre-mortem might save your project from failure

Apply the 20/20 clarity of hindsight to predict future obstacles
Becoming better

Becoming better

How to get better at getting better, because what got you here won’t get you there

Guest Authored Posts

Playing favourites at work
Ryan Mascarenhas

Playing favourites at work

How to manage favouritism and avoid the inherent disengagement it can cause
Neha Parekh

Making it work as a working parent

A how-to on managing the complex dynamic between work and parenting
Dhruv Talwar

Own your learning

A committed Godrej learner shares his personal journey – from preparation, to real-world takeaways
Tessa Tysome

Seeking a sponsor

In what ways is sponsorship different from mentorship? And how can you find yourself a sponsor?